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Custom bookplates on a budget

Jessica Le
Commissioning a custom design for a bookplate or ex libris may not be in everyone's budget -- there's a lot to consider in terms of briefing the artist, labour time, drafts, printing and producing the bookplate, which can take months. But in case you still want your name on a bookplate, without having to handwrite your name on each, there are a few quick and cheaper ways to go about it.

Pre-designed personalised bookplates

A fair few sites like Fleur & Fable offer the ability to pick an existing design and have your name personalised and printed on a set of bookplates. You can pick a box size of 20/30/40/50 pieces. These are printed locally in NSW and prices start at $30 which makes them the perfect gift for yourself, a fellow bibliophile, teachers, librarians or a Kris Kringle.

Personalised bookplate rubber stamps

For those who have a large collection of books it might be worth considering the ease of using a stamp. Here you can have hundreds of stamp impressions as you're not limited to physical bookplate pieces. There are plenty of examples on Etsy but Fleur & Fable is the only Australian company offering handmade wooden bookplate rubber stamps within Australia. We average about 5 days to ship out your order from NSW which is ridiculously quick for a custom order!

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Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.

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