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What is a 'universal' bookplate?

Jessica Le

A traditional bookplate is usually exclusive in design and contains the owner's name. In contrast, a 'universal' bookplate is a bookplate that has space to write your name and is not exclusively designed to be used by one person (ie, used universally). These are publicly available to buy without the need to hire an artist or designer, allowing more people who couldn't necessarily afford a custom design the opportunity to use bookplates. 

The majority of Fleur & Fable's bookplate stickers are 'universal', touching on themes like fantasy, flowers and fables. You can write, stamp or have these universal designs pre-printed with your name. Universal bookplates are a great choice for casual book owners, given the number of styles available, high production values and affordability. Our designs contain gold metallic ink giving a bit of a luxury touch to the standard universal bookplates, all the while being entirely affordable with starter packs of 10 for $12! If you have a larger book collection, perhaps opt for personalised universal bookplates so you don't have to write your name -- just peel off the backing and stick on a book.

Universal bookplates surged between the World Wars and historically were undervalued due to their mass production, although many famous artists have made universal bookplates like Rockwell Kent whose bookplates are collector's items. 



Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.
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