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The New Australian Bookplate Society is a group made up of bookplate enthusiasts, artists and collectors. If this sounds like you, join today! Or you might like to give a friend a subscription as a gift.

The newsletter

Each quarter the Society sends out a full colour newsletter on a range of illustrated articles, letters and notes on historical and contemporary aspects of bookplates. Whilst much of the content reflects the Australian or New Zealand scene, articles also cover what is happening with bookplates in other parts of the world.

Thinking of joining?

Two levels of subscription are available:

Hard-copy subscription including four paper issues of the quarterly full-colour Newsletter, at $40 AUD/year.

Electronic subscription, emailed Newsletter, at $15 AUD/year. Can be subsidised to $5 for the first year when you purchase any personalised bookplate stamp. Subsequent years are renewed at full price.

When you join, you will receive: a sample of past issues of the Newsletter; copies of some of the supplements published to date, and bookplate gifts from various members of the Society.

Fleur & Fable owner Jessica Le has been a member of the New Australian Bookplate Society since 2019 and I'm very happy to be able to offer Electronic Subscriptions to the Society for $5 AUD for the first year of subscribing with any purchase of a personalised bookplate stamp.