Personalised Bookplates


Add a bit of a personalised touch by adding your name to a set of bookplates! The perfect gift for your bibliophile friends, teachers, librarians or for your own collection of books. 

These bookplates will be printed as standard colour printing (yellow and black ink, no metallic inks) on self-adhesive matte vinyl, packaged in a kraft gift box.  

Simply choose from the available designs, type the name exactly how it is to be printed on the bookplate and pick a quantity (minimum of 20). Given the custom nature of this product please allow 5 business days before it gets shipped. 

- standard colour printing (yellow and black ink)
- self-adhesive matte vinyl sticker paper
- 2.5 × 3.5 in/ 66 × 90 mm
- flat packed or pick the gift wrap option which comes in a 2 piece kraft giftbox

If you find yourself lending out books to friends, add one of these to the inside front page of your book with your name and friends will always know who to give it back to.

Bookplates, or ex libris (Latin for 'from the library of'), are used to identify the owner of a book and have been used since the 1400s. This vintage bookplate style is inspired by the golden age of illustration in the early 1900s.

Drawn with a dip pen and ink, printed in Australia. 

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