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Jessica Le

Did you know Fleur & Fable wholesale their bookplates to retailers across Australia and the world? So far we're stock in 30+ bricks and mortar shops as well as online stores! Mainly they've been bookshops, gift shops and even in a caravan park. 

In April this year we attended our first ever B2B event exhibiting at Life Instyle in the First Instyle area dedicated to debuting small businesses. It was a fantastic experience, meeting retailers, some who had never heard of bookplates before and others who hadn't seen bookplates available in years.

Just recently we've made the switch to have our wholesale portal entirely online -- this allows for seamless ordering from the retailer's perspective where they can sign up for a wholesale account (and be automatically accepted), pick and choose from the available designs and packages and pay directly online (including using PayPal). No more waiting for invoices! Inside the wholesale portal is a 'quick order form' which has all the products on one page and you can easily add the quantities needed instead of going through each product page. If you're a retailer and would like to stock our bookplate stickers please visit here for more info. 

We have a number of packages that include a point of sale display stand and the most popular designs so there's no hassle! 

1. Starter package

Our starter packages come with 28 bookplate packs (either preselected popular set of 4 designs x 7 each or mix and match designs) and includes a free acrylic display stand. This one's been a popular option for those who just want to test the waters with our bookplates and have the display up and running with little fuss. 

2. Standard package

Our standard package has 54 bookplate packs (again, preselected 9 designs x 6 each or mix and match as you like). It comes with a laser cut tiered display stand with Fleur & Fable branding.

If you'd like to start wholesaling with Fleur & Fable products you can sign up here! 


Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.
☛ info@fleurandfable.com.au

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