Bookplate by Eirene Mort

Famous Australian Women Bookplate Artists

Jessica Le

These artists are wildly known in the Australian bookplate community but I thought I'd shine the spotlight on them for those who have never heard of them before. Ella Dwyer and Eirene Mort were both powerhouses in Australian bookplate design in the first half of the 20th century.

Ella Dwyer

Ella Maggie Dwyer (1887-1979) Dwyer was a printmaker and bookplate designer, born in Hobart on 9 March 1887, daughter of George Lovell Dwyer and Margaret Jane, née Shield. She was a foundation member of the Australian Bookplate Club in 1932. In 1928 Dwyer was elected a member of the Australian Painter-Etchers’ Society. Her atmospheric etchings display her skill in the medium and her draftsmanship.

Ella Dwyer bookplate for Jill Clune Booplate by Ella Dwyer

Bookplate fr Margaret Dorothy Campbell by Australian artist Ella Dwyer Bookplate by Ella Dwyer

Eirene Mort 

Eirene Mort (1879-1977) was born in Woollahra, NSW. In 1897 she travelled to London to complete her studies at the Grosvenor Life School, the Royal School of Art Needlework and the Royal College of Art, South Kensington. Returning to Sydney in 1906 she brought with her a Pre-Raphaelite sensibility to her art and methodology. Mort was a founder in 1921 and council-member of the Australian Painter-Etchers' Society, honorary treasurer of the Australian Ex Libris Society and a member of the Australian Bookplate Club.

Bookplate by Eirene Mort


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  • vickie hearnshaw said:

    I really enjoyed your article. My grandmother was a good friend to Ella Dwyer. They were in contact by letter for many years. She also had a collection of her bookplates. If you could let me know more about the Bookplate Society and its membership this would be good. Look forward to hearing from you.

    November 26, 2021

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