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Other creative uses for bookplates

Jessica Le

Bookplates don't have to be used as they're intended -- feel free to get creative with them! Here are a few ideas:

1. Journaling

As Fleur & Fable's bookplates are all self-adhesive, they make great stickers in your journaling projects - just cut around the art and you've got yourself a 'die cut' sticker! Mix and match from birds, flowers, to fantasy themed bookplates, they'll all look cohesive since they're all consistently black, white and gold. 

2. Swing tags

I saw this idea when @devoured_pages on instagram used her blank bookplate stamp on some handmade swing tags for gifts. You can add the recipient's name and decorate with washi tape and viola! 

3. Pen pals

Another instagram user I saw split up her mix pack of bookplates to add to her pen pal letters as gifts which I thought was super sweet. 


Cover pic by @maddys.books 


Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.

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