Prize bookplates


Gold and black illustrated bookplate stickers featuring a traditional 'prize' bookplate design. Perfect for school use or teachers who want to award students. Simply write their name, class, what the award is for and date and place into the inside front cover of a book.

- 10 pack comes in a string tie envelope
- 25/50 pack comes in a kraft gift box
- gold metallic and black ink
- self-adhesive matte sticker paper
- 66 × 90 mm/ 2.5 × 3.5 in

Bookplates, or ex libris (Latin for 'from the library of'), are used to identify the owner of a book and have been used since the 1400s. This vintage bookplate style is inspired by the golden age of illustration in the early 1900s.

These ex libris bookplate stickers have been printed in black and a special metallic gold ink making these a beautiful addition to your books.

Perfect gift for your bibliophile friends, teachers, librarians or for your own collection of books. Just write your name in the space, peel off the backing and add a bit of a personalised touch to your books.

Drawn with a dip pen and ink, printed in Australia. 


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