Blank Bookplate Rubber Stamps

These are blank premade stamps with no personalisation. Add a mini stamp pad here.

Design 1: 62 x 27mm
Design 2: 62 x 20mm
Design 3: 60 x 20mm
Design 4: 32 x 40mm
Design 5: 50 x 48mm
Made of: 
  • Laser cut high quality rubber 
  • Mounted with Australian Jarrah wood, oiled to a beautiful red-brown finish
  • Topped off with brass pin to show where the top of the image is.

Key features: 
  • 100s/1000s of impressions
  • Hand crafted Australian Jarrah wood
  • Designed with a vintage aesthetic in mind
  • Unique wood mount


Tips using your new stamp:
Hold and push down in the centre so you get even pressure across the base of the stamp. You'll get a perfect impression each time! 
Keep in a dry, moisture free environment (the Jarrah wood will NOT swell when wet but best to keep it dry!).
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