3 types of books that need a bookplate

3 types of books that need a bookplate

Jessica Le

So you've got yourself a set of bookplates or a bookplate rubber stamp, congrats! The next step is imbuing your books with 500 years of history by considering which books are chosen to have a bookplate. Back in the day when bookplates were made in a limited run of prints, you'd best be sure that every book that had a bookplate in it deserved it. You could simply have favourites that use bookplates but in case you're stuck, below are some ideas of where you can use bookplates.

1. Books that get lent often

We've all been there, lending out books and finding they may not come back to us. Although a book with a bookplate in it isn't a certain guarantee you'll get it back, it's a bold statement of ownership. You might even consider getting a library stamp to see the history of people who've borrowed your book.

2. Journals

I often find that journal endpapers have very basic pre-printed space for your name which can be improved with a bookplate. There's a different sort of satisfaction adding a bookplate here than in a fiction/non-fiction book. There's a promise of  future ideas, writings, sketches, failures and wins. And to mark the beginning with a bookplate that reflects your interest/s is surely a great way to start a journal.

3. Books that shaped you

These books may not be the prettiest, they may have their fore-edge covered in page flags but you have a particular loyalty to these books. Instantly you can recall 1-3 that fit this criteria. The bookplates placed in these books may never get seen by another person but in essence you are saying "I was here, I read this, and it mattered to me" when you place a bookplate.  

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