Close up of letterpress bookplate ex libris red

NEW Letterpress Bookplates

Jessica Le

I'm very proud to be offering Australian made letterpress bookplates at Fleur & Fable! Letterpress was the foremost printing technology up until the 20th century when offset printing became the norm. Letterpress essentially uses a 'plate' (a relief image of text or artwork) which is coated with ink and then pressed onto paper. It's an incredibly tactile method, utilising quality vellum-texture self-adhesive paper and an embossed feel.

The whole process is a mix of traditional and modern methods: pen on ink for the original design, polymer plates for the digital design, hand-mixed colours and an antique press. It's these qualities of modern techniques mixing with traditional methods that align so well with Fleur & Fable, and letterpress is exactly how I envisage my bookplates to be printed. There's 4 designs you can buy HERE.


Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.

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