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Fleur & Fable founder's personal bookplates

Jessica Le

The problem with owning a store specialising in bookplates is now I have too much choice! Sometimes I put bookplate stickers I've designed for F&F on my books and handwrite my name - I choose the design based on the genre of book or what would match the endpapers well. At other times I'll put my specially designed bookplates in my books I deem worthy enough. 

Ex Libris design with a girl, flowers, and books

This bookplate with a coy girl among some flowers and books I drew exclusively for my own use as bookplates and printed some 200 odd designs in gold ink. I have these housed in a George Romney mint tin I bought when I was overseas in Kendal, England. The design was originally meant to be a fairy but felt she was better suited without the wings.

tin of bookplates ex libris stickers

My two other stamp bookplates are designs you can get from my shop: Kelmscott with the decorative initial is my William Morris inspired stamp and English Garden was a design based from one of my original drawings (and also available as bookplate stickers). I particularly love using my Kelmscott stamp on my vintage/historic books since it has a classic typeface and the words 'ex libris' (Latin for 'from the library of'. 

The best part of using bookplates is how it elevates a certain book and makes it more sentimental in value to me. These books have either shaped who I am artistically-speaking or have had a significant impact on my life. Featured is On Art and Life by John Ruskin, The Art Spirit by Robert Henri and Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe by Marilyn Jones. 

english garden bookplate rubber stamp on a book

Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.
☛ info@fleurandfable.com.au

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