Mixed Bookplate Box Set

Why we never go on sale

Jessica Le

Click Frenzy, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day Sales! It's all very exhausting to hear around this time of the year. One thing's for sure, Fleur & Fable will never have a storewide sale - here's why:

Every year you see huge discounts, I would ask yourself if at these prices workers are being compensated fairly - or most likely being exploited.

Brands are also known to inflate their regular prices to allow for discounting. What I want is to create value all year round so that ALL of my customers have access to the lowest prices I can set, while still being able to pay my suppliers, who are in Australia, fair prices.

Not only that but as a small online business it seems people go in expecting discounts (from newsletter sign up, abandoned cart etc) and I don't want to be a part of that culture.

90% of my orders are for personalised bookplate stamps, something that is made to order, so I think it's a bit cheeky (to say politely) if anyone wants a discount on a custom made item!

This is not to say I may not have discounts on old stock or the occasional value-add reward. I understand how lucky I am to have such a community around my business which is why I'll still reward repeat buyers or those on my mailing list.

Featured pic is of our new Mixed Bookplate Box Set packaging


Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.
☛ info@fleurandfable.com.au

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