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Three reasons to use bookplate stickers

Jessica Le

Last week I wrote about 'Three reasons to use book stamps' so I thought this week I'd shake it up with bookplate stickers!

If you've been tossing between book stamps and bookplate stickers, here why I think you should use bookplate stickers:

1. Design

With bookplate stickers, there's a whole lot more choice available particularly if you enjoy illustrated bookplates. Art style, printing method and paper choice can all lend itself to a tactile experience. Bookplates don't have to be limited to a rectangle format either - I've seen circles and diecut shapes. The possibilities are definitely endless with artists experimenting more and production techniques getting cheaper.

2. Price

This can play a significant part as a 10-pack of bookplate stickers can cost as little as $12 AUD whereas our book stamps start at $55 AUD. Even the personalisation option starts at a much cheaper rate for bookplate stickers, from $30 for a set of 20 stickers compared to $109 for custom book stamps. 

3. Curate your collection

Since you only have a finite amount of bookplate stickers, you get to be more selective about the books you choose to add a bookplate to. This is the fun part! You could choose to add a bookplate to books that you absolutely love and treasure, or books with a sentimental value or books you lend out often ... however you decide to curate your collection, it tells a story.


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Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.

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