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Three reasons why you should use a book stamp

Jessica Le
Have you been thinking of buying a book stamp? Here are three reasons why I think you need one!

1. No more bad handwriting

I'm one of the many people out there who hates their own handwriting (artists/illustrators can still have bad handwriting!). So the thought of marking my books with my own handwritten name feels like I'm degrading my books somehow. The obvious advantage of using a book stamp is that your name is etched into the rubber so it's perfect every time.

2. Convenience

If you've been using bookplate stickers they can start to add up, particularly if you have hundreds of books you want to mark with your name. Book stamps are also less wasteful as usually bookplate stickers come with a plastic backing. Here all you need is an ink pad and they come by pretty cheaply and in a variety of colours. 

3. Sustainability

All of Fleur & Fable's stamps are made from Australian Jarrah wood and laser etched rubber - no plastic handles or waste here. Each of the wooden handles are hand-cut, profiled and oiled to a red-brown finish. 

If you've bought a book stamp you can even experiment with different coloured ink pads or have different book stamps for particular types of books.

A book stamp is something that can last a lifetime, so if you're looking for a special personalised gift for a bibliophile friend or for yourself, see the whole collection here.


Jessica Le is the founder of Fleur & Fable. She writes about bookplates and is a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.

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