Wightwick Manor Wolverhampton UK the grand parlour

A vintage bookplate find from our travels...

Jessica Le

I (Jess) have just come back from the UK and Italy and am super excited to get back into making more bookplate stamps and stickers! 

One fun vintage bookplate find was this below for Theodore Mander by Robert Anning Bell (1896). Mander owned Wightwick Manor in Wolverhampton UK, his manor house is also in the background of the bookplate with two figures personifying prose and poetry in the front. A lot of the books in the library were around the Pre-Raphaelite circle, poetry and the Arts and Craft movement. 

Robert Anning Bell was an English bookplate designer who even designed bookplates for the likes of Frederic Leighton! One thing I noticed was he also designed a bookplate for the Mander Brothers (the company Theodore Mander founded) who manufactured enamels, paints and varnishes. Incidentally the bookplate is printed with their inks (last pic). I found it really interesting how he had a library just for his employees to peruse!


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