Custom Bookplates


If you're looking for your own bespoke bookplate illustrated by Jess or would like to order bookplates with your own artwork, see below! Jess specialises in custom illustration and printing with metallic inks, adding another dimension to the beauty of bookplates. This is a unique chance to commission Jess for a one-of-a-kind artwork. Her interest in bookplates lie in their art, book provenance and tactility as paper ephemera. She's also a member of The New Australian Bookplate Society.

Bookplates for your personal collection or as gifts

Jess specialises in pen and ink techniques inspired by classic story book illustration and art nouveau featuring nature, women and elements of fantasy. She's also open to other suggestions. If this sounds up your alley use the contact form or email Jess with the following info:

  • Your name/name of recipient 
  • Interests or motifs you'd like included
  • Black and white or colour or additional metallic ink option
  • Self adhesive or parchment paper
  • Size (usually 90 x 66mm but can be custom)
  • Approx number of bookplates to be printed

A quote will be made and if approved a comprehensive sketch will be sent. Once this is approved the bookplate will be digitally inked. You'll receive the high resolution file + the amount of bookplate pieces specified. This process can take up to 2-3 weeks.  

Other ideas for custom bookplate design/printing

As well as commissioning Jess, you can submit your own design to be printed as bookplates. This also includes the option of printing with metallic inks! The possibilities include different shades of gold, silver, rose gold or other metallic colours. Designs are best submitted as high resolution jpegs, tiffs, or photoshop files at 300dpi. Also, feel free to email Jess to check the suitability of your design. Typically the quote will include a one-off $50 AUD artwork handling fee. Below for some ideas where other people have custom printed their own bookplates ...

Author book signings: A signed bookplate is a great promotional tool as well as a gift to readers without the hassle of carrying stock. These are usually themed or designed elaborately with some element of the cover art or simply with a symbol, along with the author's name and website.  

Kickstarter campaign rewards: Bookplate rewards have proven to be very popular on Kickstarter with a number of authors, comic and graphic artists offering them as stretch goals with some even making limited edition numbered/signed bookplates. Used as an incentive for funding, bookplates can add a lot of value to your campaign. 

Book clubs: Why not commemorate your club with a bookplate? Most are themed around a location or reading preference and can make treasured mementos. 

Book subscription boxes: Bookplates make the perfect additional gift/merchandise to your book subscription boxes -- they're light, flat and can really tie the theme of your box together. The range in my shop is also available for wholesale pricing.


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If you're looking to commission a bookplate design or have your logo/design printed as bookplates, please feel free to contact Jess for a quote below or at