The Red Rose Girls were a group of three illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustration: Violet Oakley, Jessie Willcox Smith and Elizabeth Green. They all lived together in the Red Rose Inn in Philadelphia in the early 1900s (which was scandalous at the time!). The choice to live together brought up a lot of criticism to their untraditional living arrangements, although at the same time it was consistent with the new feminist ideal of the "New Woman" -- educated and independent career women.

In the household they also lived with Henrietta Cozens who managed the day to day household happenings. All three were hugely successful in their work in children's books and magazines. You can still also see Violet Oakley's murals inside the Pennsylvania State Capitol, all 43 of them. 

The Red Rose Girls to me are complete goals so if anyone wants to band together to create our own Red Rose Girls let me know in the comments, maybe I'll make a commemorative bookplate out of it!

1-2: Jessie Willcox Smith
3-4: Violet Oakley
5-6: Elizabeth Green
7: Pictured left to right, Violet Oakley, Jesse Willcox Smith, Elizabeth Green and Henrietta Cozens.




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