Continuing with the medieval art theme I started last week I have 'millefleurs' for today's Fable Friday! In French it literally means 'thousand flowers' and as you might've guessed they're the small flowers found in tapestries in the middle ages to Renaissance period. Some famous examples include The Lady and the Unicorn and The Hunt of the Unicorn/The Unicorn in Captivity. Here, the weavers would actually improvise each bunch of flowers whereas in later tapestries the left and right sides would be mirror images. 

I've been lucky enough to see both tapestries in real life -- The Hunt of the Unicorn at The Cloisters in NYC and The Lady and the Unicorn when it came to Sydney (the third time in 500 years it had ever left France). For the latter the room was hexagon in shape where each wall held a tapestry telling the story of the senses. Some parts of the photo have a metallic sheen because they used metallic threads!

For some reason I didn't take many pictures at the Cloisters but there's a pic of me next to The Unicorn in Captivity tapestry 🙂

Are there any flowers you can recognise?

The Lady and the unicorn, pics 1-6 (sorry about the darkness of the pics, the room was dark not to damage the pieces)
The Hunt of the unicorn, pics 7-10



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