Often appearing in literature, rabbits can be found in folklore and mythology worldwide. In Chinese, Japanese and Korean folklore, rabbits live on the moon making various foods such as elixirs, mochi and rice cakes. Popular anthropomorphised rabbits like the White Rabbit (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) and Rabbit (Winnie the Pooh) are the one's that come to mind first. Interestingly, rabbits occupy a position of animals who are hunted/eaten by humans, kept as pets, and are turned into characters in children's books, all within the same cultural context. There aren't many animals who can simultaneously occupy these spaces. Rabbits taken on numerous symbols for fertility, rebirth, vulnerability, innocence (juxtaposed by sexuality), often appearing as the trickster archtype and as a symbol of luck. 
Fun fact, Beatrix Potter self published Peter Rabbit first and it sold 56,000 copies within a year of its publication!


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